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12 Oct Southern Area Final – The Arc Matlock 6th October 2019

“Arena” Junior Inter-League Swimming Competition Southern Area Final - The Arc Matlock 6Th October 2019 There were some tremendous swims at this years competition which was hosted by our  2019 Champions Nottingham Leander. However despite some brilliant swims from the hosts they were fighting a losing battle The Final result was Representing Milton Keynes JSL       1st GUILDFORD CITY   234 points M11 JSL                                                   2nd CAMDEN SWISS COTTAGE 191 points Nuneaton JSL                                        3rd  CITY OF COVENTRY  184 points Eastern JSL                                            4th CITY OF NORWICH  160 points Southern JSL                                         5th POOLE  136 points Derby’s & Nott’s JSL                            6th NOTTINGHAM LEANDER 109 points    ...

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27 Oct Junior-Inter League

Congratulations to City of Derby who came fourth when representing us in the Southern Area Final of the Junior Inter-League Competition at Norwich at the beginning of October, they put up a great display in a tremendously hard fought gala which saw the closest finishes for many years and made sure they represent us again in the National Final of the Competition at Corby on the 25th of November....

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